Dutch dreaming

13 Nov

I have a specific short-term focus and purpose for this blog. Next year’s annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) will take place in Kerkrade, Netherlands. The theme is cultural diversity.

New York having once been New Netherlands / New Amsterdam, this region’s Dutch heritage can be a special link for IASD in the New York area. From the Arthur Kill on Staaten Island, to the Holland Tunnel, the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens, and the Throgs Neck in the Bronx, from Bergen County, New Jersey, to Peekskill, New York, farther up the Hudson Valley, we encounter New York’s Dutch origins every day. It probably almost never comes to the forefront of our awareness for those of us not of Dutch descent. But what influence does, or could, it have on our psyches? How might we use our dreams to explore this place we live in?

So my personal focus at the beginning of this treasure hunt will be mainly (not exclusively) on the Dutch connection. In mid-November, there’s a wide-ranging series of events called 5 Dutch Days in New York, and I encourage you to attend some of those events, dream about them, and journal the results here. Of course, many other Dutch-related experiences are available in New York, from collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to historic homes throughout the area. And your participation relating dreams to any of New York’s offerings, Dutch or otherwise, is welcome.

If one or more of us New Yorkers (and Northern New Jerseyites) will be going to the IASD conference in Kerkrade (I hope to!), maybe we can turn any Dutch-related posts from this blog into a poster presentation for the conference. The deadline for proposing posters is March 1.

(Please note that while this treasure hunt is inspired in part by IASD, it’s not an official IASD activity.)

3 Responses to “Dutch dreaming”


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