Scavenging treasures

13 Nov

Trying to anticipate the structure of this, my first blog, has turned out sounding all serious on the About and How To pages. In reality, I’ve been having a blast going on this dream treasure hunt for a few weeks now.

The idea’s been germinating in my mind for a few years—originally as a scavenger hunt. In events calendars a couple of times, I’ve seen a listing for a scavenger hunt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It sounded like a fun time, and I kept trying to think of a way to hold a dream-related scavenger hunt. But it’s challenging enough to get people together for a single-place, stationary event in New York City (long commutes, tons of other events to compete with), and the answer just wasn’t coming to me. I got more intrigued, though, on a trip to Chicago last year, when I discovered that the Chicago cultural center has handouts leading visitors through self-guided scavenger hunts as a way to discover Chicago neighborhoods.

When I started to plan some Dutch-themed dream-related events around 5 Dutch Days in New York, in anticipation of the 2011 International Association for the Study of Dreams conference in Kerkrade, Netherlands, the five days of events called out for letting dreamers attend on their own schedule, rather than trying to get everyone together. That’s when a blog began to seem a good way to allow people to share the experience.

A “scavenger hunt” actually appeals to me as much as a “treasure hunt,” because I enjoy found objects, quirky things, and reduce/reuse/recycle. I treasure such things. But in a bow to branding, I thought treasure might have a bit more appeal. Whichever way you prefer your hunting, I hope you’ll engage New York with your dreams and join me in sharing those experiences here.

Meanwhile, don’t be disturbed if the blog goes through some changes, especially in design and even in name. It’s a work in progress.

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