Nuclear power dream and Tokyo workshops

31 Mar

Had my first nuclear power dream this morning, Wednesday, 3/30 (my first remembered dream of any type to do with the ongoing earthquake/tsunami/meltdown disaster in Japan). It was extremely vague—two spherical towers with a dark gray waffle pattern, appearing how the Indian Point plant 40 miles of New York City seems to look in recent TV news stories about its safety or lack thereof.

Indian Point nuclear power plant—Joe Larese/The Journal News, on

Indian Point nuclear power plant—Joe Larese/The Journal News, on

Except that in my dream, the plant fits into my bathroom and the towers are truly spherical (which I thought they were, until looking for an image); in waking reality, they’re cyclindrical with spherical tops. The feeling in the dream is a sort of dull resignation: “Of course this was coming, but now that it’s here, it’s hard to take in.”

My friend Misa Tsuruta, who lived in Manhattan and then Brooklyn for much of the time I’ve known her, returned to Tokyo a couple of years ago. She’s the International Association for the Study of Dreams’s regional co-representative for Japan. She returns to New York City a couple of times a year, because she’s pursuing a Ph.D. in cognitive, social, and developmental psychology at the New School. Last May, she gave an informal talk for IASD-NYC about dreams in Japanese culture.

Misa is putting together  a series of art therapy workshops for children traumatized by recent events in Japan. The World Dreams Peace Bridge has a PayPal button for donating toward Misa’s workshop supplies and expenses. Please consider supporting Misa in this effort.

7 Responses to “Nuclear power dream and Tokyo workshops”

  1. DTH-LTJK April 3, 2011 at 2:38 am #

    Misa and Sheila,

    On Thursday night, I went to an exhilarating performance by Tamagawa University Taiko & Dance. (Misa, I thought of you, being that you’re a dancer.)

    This morning, a dream of mine combined something from the performance with thoughts of the recent destruction in Japan. I’ve written about it in a new post, “Taiko & dance, and then a tsunami dream”:

    Relating to the nuclear reactor dream here, two very different bits of reading I encountered yesterday and today gave me some surprising new associations to the spherical reactor towers. I’ll be writing a post later going into that.

  2. Misa Tsuruta April 1, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    I am glad to hear that your dreaming and heart are still with us. I felt like the media quickly shifted its attention from Japan to Lybia (well, though I’m not following them so closely…). Can’t blame then because we also do that when important things happen to other countries. The rest of the world has to move on, while most of us still grapple on various challenges here… Dreaming and slow, lingering processes are welcome, because I’m sure as it is already say the effects of these disasters last for a long time – months to years. At this moment I don’t know how long I’m going to get involved – but let’s keep dreaming!

  3. Sheila Asato March 31, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    I can’t help but think of the Twin Towers as I read your dream – linking one disaster with Japan’s crisis today. 9/11 had an effect not only on the entire country, but was also felt around the world – just as the horrible events in Japan on 3/11 washed over the hearts and minds of us all around the world.

    I’m so glad to see your posting about Misa’s work here. Thanks for letting people know about it and how they can support her with their donations and prayers.

    I too will be going to Japan to do some workshops in May for the foreign community in Japan through the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese (AFWJ). The resident foreign community in Japan has very little access to mental health resources in Japan. Foreign wives in particular are a much overlooked part of Japanese society, even though there is not a single school district in Japan today that does not have at least one child with a foreign mother. As a long term member of AFWJ (, I will offer workshops on how to cope with intense dreams and nightmares after a crisis, as well as offering creative ways of working with imagery through the arts. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as well so that I may be of service while I am in Japan.

    • DTH-LTJK March 31, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

      Thanks for posting this, Sheila — I didn’t know you’re heading to Japan. Of course my thoughts will be with you in your efforts, as with Misa in hers. You do wonderful work with the Healing Collage that you adapted from Japanese methods; what a great thing to give back at this time (I’m assuming it’s part of what you’ll be offering).

  4. Misa Tsuruta March 31, 2011 at 5:14 am #

    Thank you Gloria, for sharing the dream and mentioning my project. I’m hearing that NY people realized the potential risk of the nuclear plants. When I think of greater natural resources (including animals, plants, soils, water system, the ocean, air, etc.) perhaps nuclear plants hold too much risk? Am I being too radical without giving up conveniences?
    I have not been dreaming about earthquakes/nuclear plants themselves. Most notable is several Shinkansen (bullet trains in Japan) dreams, about which I wonder if I’m going to travel to the affected areas to offer some helping. But at this moment I’m not sure if the workshops will take place there, or in Tokyo – as you may know, in Tokyo there are also many ‘refugees.’ Unlike usual indifference among Tokyo people, many are offering their vacant rooms or their vacation home for these refugees. It’s been disasterous but it’s also a special time to see many people kind and generous.

    • DTH-LTJK March 31, 2011 at 5:45 pm #

      I’m happy to be able to offer this bit of support, Misa. Your comment that the normally indifferent people of Tokyo are responding with compassion reminds me of September 11.

      It’s interesting to read that you’ve dreamed a few times of the bullet trains, but not of the earthquakes or nuclear plants themselves. I wonder how that element of your dreams will evolve in the coming days. Have you been incubating any dreams about your workshop plans?


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    […] subject of my most recent post. It was essentially a snapshot of a small-scale (sort of miniature) nuclear plant with spherical towers (more follow-up on those in a later […]

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