Joe Bonamassa dreams

2 May

Meaning: both blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa’s dreams (at least he’s written songs saying so) and dreams of Joe Bonamassa (not mine; I didn’t know his name or his music until today).

I get to write about this here because today Amazon pointed me to one of his albums (still not sure why, or what the connection was) when I looked up a book mentioned in some work for a client in New York City. (Bonamassa is also from New York, but way upstate: New Hartford, near Utica.)

“Woke Up Dreaming” is a track on Blues Deluxe. This live version, recorded at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on March 11, 2011, is more fabulous guitar work than vocals—and that’s just fine:

“Woke Up Dreaming,” Joe Bonamassa in Green Bay

Another Bonamassa lyric is this:

My Mistake

I’m in a dream I’m flying over hills,
I see it shining in the hay.
There’s something golden in my hands,
And then I go and let it slip away.

Which makes it more likely that he really was Flying in a Blue Dream sometime before his tour by that name.

Wikipedia‘s article about him says:

Unlike other successful blues-rock guitarists, Bonamassa cited his influences as being British and Irish blues acts, rather than American artists. Within the blues genre, hearing the traditional blues players, as with Guitar Slim, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and all the traditional American blues players, (with the exception of B.B. King), comparing the music in the United States to the “European” versions of the blues, Bonamassa found the English blues, fostered by the Jeff Beck Group, Eric Clapton and the Irish blues player Rory Gallagher, to be far more interesting to him than the original Delta blues players.

Delta blues, including via Chicago, is one of my favorite genres of music, but now I’m a Joe Bonamassa fan, too. Too early to tell whether anything related will show up in my dreams, but the forum on his website is pleasingly sprinkled with dreams that involve him:

I had a dream about Joe this weekend, he came over to my house to jam… and he brought two Blues Jr’s!


So, I was at a Joe show, and he brought out congas and started playing them. And he went up to sing and his hand hit one of the congas…


I had a dream last night, about Joe coming into my house, and talkin’ with me, I was stanned, I almost could not say a word in a dream… [At least six dreams on this thread.]


…Joe took a break to sign CDs, T-shirts, etc., during that time, I leaned over the balcony, shook his hand and we had a bit of a chat. After we were done, I went to get something to drink and get back in time for /the second half of the show…. [Three or four dreams here.]

Joe’s next and only appearance in this area for the rest of 2011: Red Bank, New Jersey, May 14.

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