Color quest, fall edition

23 Sep

The leaves haven’t turned yet, but I’ve recently been encountering echoes of some of the images I found, during this year’s sometimes drab spring, in my quest to incubate some vivid color into my dreams. The spring quest took a lot of tries before I got dream color: I wrote three posts about my multiple efforts.

Bel Borba aqui

One of those posts mentions a DVD titled Colors of a Creative Culture, about street artists in and around the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, engaged in community art projects:


Well, The New York Times reported this past week that one Salvador artist, Bel Borba, has been set loose on New York for a month to create street art in his very spontaneous way. Both the Times article and a blog about Borba’s New York visit mention neighborhoods where he’s making his public art—but not, unfortunately, specific addresses to go tour his work . . . except for Times Square, where he and his film collaborators will premiere Universal Pulse as part of Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery.

I guess I haven’t been through Times Square late at night recently, because the Moment has been going on since April; the official Times Square website calls it “the largest coordinated effort in history by the sign operators in Times Square to display synchronized, cutting-edge creative content at the same time every day.” The Borba piece “is the first in the program’s history to be created specifically for use on the Times Square screens,” and it will run every night in October at three minutes to midnight.

October 3 to 16, the documentary “Bel Borba Aqui” is at the Film Forum.

Holi, Holi, Holi

Another of my spring color quest posts began with a mention of Holi, the Hindu holiday of color:

Coloured powder cakes Hindus celebrating Holi (photo from The Huffington Post)

Apparently Berlin has made Holi into a summer festival for at least a couple of years. Time magazine (New York connection: it’s headquartered here) carried a photo of a big crowd of people throwing colored powder into the air in Berlin, July 29:

Holi 2012 celebration in Berlin (photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters via Time)

Holi 2012 celebration in Berlin (photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters via Time)

A Russian blog has a great collection of photos (taken from Reuters and The Associated Press) of Holi celebrations in India.

The Color Run‘s website gives no attribution to Holi, but this 5K run must be inspired by the Hindu holiday:


The Color Run takes place in 12 American cities in the coming month or so, with “New York City pricing and deadlines coming soon.”

Color-streaked hair update

I ended the third of my three spring color quest posts by saying I would use pastel chalks to color my hair as part of my costume (which I based on my spring color quest) for the Dream Ball of this year’s annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, in Berkeley, California.

I was inspired by instructions posted on I Love Green Inspiration:

Chalk-streaked hair (from I Love Green Inspiration)

Chalk-streaked hair (from I Love Green Inspiration)


It didn’t look like much when I did it, though. I was probably too timid about it, knowing I probably wouldn’t get a chance to wash my hair before heading to the airport at 3 a.m. for an early flight. Maybe I’ll try it again at Halloween.

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