How To

For now, I’ve set this up as my personal blog. The instructions on this page are subject to revision as I develop the blog’s format. But for now, there are two ways you can participate:


Use the blog’s Comments feature to comment on another person’s post. Note that the main purpose of this blog isn’t to work on each other’s dreams, but you might want to express appreciation of the dreamer’s own dreamwork, describe in what way it has influenced your own self-understanding, or add information about the waking-world context (such as background on an artist whose painting influenced the original poster’s dream). (Please also read the Guidelines that appear farther down.)

How to post

For now, here’s how to get your own post onto the blog if you have your own dreams–New York treasure to share that’s not a comment on an existing post. Go to the treasure-sharing page Inbox and leave it as a comment. I’ll turn into a post on the main part of the blog (can’t guarantee how quickly).

A post could include any or all of the following (please also read the Guidelines that appear farther down):

  • A description of the waking-life New York–area experience involved and your reaction to it.
  • Any dream incubation involved.
  • The text of the dream, a summary of the dream, or a snippet from the dream.
  • Your thoughts about the dream.
  • Your thoughts about how the dream and the waking-life experience relate to each other.
  • Relevant images or videos (please respect applicable copyright laws).
  • Relevant links—for example, to the Parks Department’s description of a location you visited, or to a gallery’s photo array of an exhibition you attended. (Try to choose links that are likely to be up permanently, so the blog doesn’t become littered with dead links.)


Posting dreams and waking opinion online requires some caution:

  • Post only what you’re comfortable sharing. This blog isn’t intended as a place to “work on” each other’s dreams, so you have no obligation to share a dream fully. Protect your own privacy and emotional safety. Recognize that this blog is open to the Web public, and readers may be tempted to try interpreting your dream even if you ask them not to.
  • Consider choosing a user name that doesn’t reveal your identity in any way.
  • Be familiar with, and act in accordance with, the Ethics Statement of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (, especially if you’re commenting on someone else’s post. Keep in mind that anything we think about another person’s dream is our own projection; the dreamer has the right to decide what is and isn’t valid for them (and has no obligation to say either way.)
  • Recognizing that dreams can explore every facet of our lives, I ask you to keep your posts pretty much PG-rated (actual text of a dream excluded).
  • The blog is monitored. Other than in the actual text of a dream, I’ll delete blatant marketing as well as offensive remarks such as name-calling. Rule of thumb: Condemn the deed, not the doer.

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