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Art that visualizes New York’s Dutch past

17 Nov

On October 17, I happened to watch on Channel 13 a show that was perfect for this blog: Hudson River Journeys. It profiles two people who love the Hudson River: One is Pete Seeger, who instigated the building of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater in 1969 as an environmental project for cleaning up the Hudson.

Pete Seeger on the sloop Clearwater

Pete Seeger on the sloop Clearwater

The other person is an artist named Len Tantillo, who specializes in historical art of New York. Continue reading


“Schooners and Sampans” dream

15 Nov

On the morning of September 21, I’d already known for several months that I wanted to organize some kind of series of Dutch-themed dream-related¬† events. I’d also been toying with the scavenger hunt idea for a while.

The second of two dreams that I woke with was striking, both because it was brief and because of its visual impact: Continue reading