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“Three Dutch Cups” dream

30 Jan

I’ve just finished (ca. 12:45 a.m.)  typing up this morning’s dream (1/29, that is), and in the process made a pretty obvious association I hadn’t thought of when I recorded the dream. It turns out to be  lovely association, and it aptly describes how I’m feeling about the talk by Dutch Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak that’s less than 24 hours away. A lot of people have been and will be pitching in to help, and even those who aren’t have given me a boost with their enthusiasm for this event. Continue reading


“Schooners and Sampans” dream

15 Nov

On the morning of September 21, I’d already known for several months that I wanted to organize some kind of series of Dutch-themed dream-related  events. I’d also been toying with the scavenger hunt idea for a while.

The second of two dreams that I woke with was striking, both because it was brief and because of its visual impact: Continue reading